Department of Control and Automation Engineering is a young, dynamic, well-equipped, innovative and inspiring department along with its both human resources and facilities. It started first as a division comprising several faculty members and research assistants under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Galip Cansever all from the Electrical Engineering Department, then in 2009, it became one of the four active departments of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yildiz Technical University (YTU) which is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country established at the turn of the 20th century.


The Department is now ranked among the top departments within the University and also considered one of the best in the country in its area. It is a highly specialized department in the area of automatic control and industrial automation having two undergraduate programs, one is conducted with fully English language and the other partly. The department also delivers graduate courses leading to MSc and PhD degrees in Control & Automation Engineering. Currently, over 500 undergraduate students study in the department to get their B.Sc. degrees, and 100 graduate students study for the higher degrees including MSc and PhD. The department has strong relations with the academic and research institutions as well as the industry, which are sustained by pursuing scientific, technological and industrial support programs. It is well established to act as a centre of excellence in theoretical and applied research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and expertise in Control and Automation Engineering in Turkey and throughout the world. The department activities constitute an important facet of the scientific and technological infrastructure of Turkey ranging from defence industry, modern transportation systems, process control, automotive industry, environmental modelling and monitoring to factory automation.

Academic Activity

The goal of the department is to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation combined with all-embracing engineering skills stretching from computing to electronics and electrical engineering. The department offering BSc, MSc and PhD programs is attracting students from top high-schools with high grades and also well-qualified graduates of Turkish and international universities. These programs admit international students, who can be financially supported by EU and other governmental or industrial institutions. They can also get bursaries from the research project budgets. On the other hand, they may take the advantage of student mobility programs like ERASMUS and MEVLANA. Students with outstanding academic achievements are rewarded with special positions. They are accepted by many prestigious academic and research institutions as graduate students for higher degrees or as professional researchers. It has been getting usual to see our graduates holding significant positions in Turkish and international high-tech industrial corporations.


By providing a very wide and basic scientific background, strict selection of candidates, and high level of academic studies, the department enables the absorption of knowledge changing at a rapid pace. This allows graduates to not only cope with engineering problems of today, but also to face future challenges.


Apart from the one-year English language preparation class, the BSc programs are normally four-year programs, divided into three parts. The first part establishes a broad scientific foundation in mathematics and physics. During the first two years of study, the student devotes most of his/her time to general scientific subjects. The second part comprises the compulsory departmental courses, including laboratories, which the students usually enrol in towards the end of their second, and during third year of study. These courses enable the students to come in contact with the different areas of Control and Automation Engineering, ensuring that they gain a wide range of knowledge, not restricted to a narrow field but a broad sense of engineering and technology. The student acquires practical experience by performing experiments and projects in a wide range of subjects. The third and final years of the BSc program comprises a choice of elective courses. In fact, the elective courses are organized into clusters in various areas of interest. Each of the clusters affords the student to specialize in a specific branch of the area, and the method of clustering ensures a deep knowledge in each one of a number of different branches. The wide choice of elective courses allows each student to choose according to their own interests and preferences.


The best undergraduate students of ours and also from other reputable universities from all over the word are encouraged to continue their studies towards MSc and PhD degrees, thereby allowing them to expand their knowledge and interest, and to delve into a particular research topic. This is how the department educates and trains such outstanding scholars among its graduates, who go on to become leaders of technology and academia.


The department has an extensive graduate activity with around 100 students studying for higher degrees (MSc and PhD). They play an important role in the teaching and research activities. They are confidently expected to play important roles in guiding and channelling the most important needs of high-tech industry, science, and academia within Turkey and all around the world.

Research Activity

The research activity of the department encompasses a wide range of topics in the fields of Control and Automation Engineering. Theoretical and experimental research is carried out by faculty members individually, or in collaboration with colleagues at the YTU and at other leading centres of research. Experimental research is carried out within the framework of various research centres and laboratories, and incorporates graduate research projects as well as projects carried out by undergraduate students as part of their course work. The research activity covers all areas of Control and Automation Engineering.


The following areas are covered by the Department`s research interests:

•       Automatic control system design, development and implementation

•       Real-time control

•       Modelling and control of complex systems and processes

•       Robotics

•       Transportation Systems and Traffic Control

•       Cloud control and networked embedded systems

•       Process control

•       Environmental monitoring and modelling

•       Automotive systems

•       SCADA and man-machine interface

•       Advanced automation systems

•       Parallel computing systems for control and automation systems

•       Communication networks in control engineering

•       Electronic systems and devices

•       Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

•       Signal processing and system analysis in control applications

•       Image processing and computer vision in control applications

•       Internet of Things (IoT)

•       Electrical drives

•       Safety

•       Sensor and actuator technologies


Dr. Şeref Naci Engin, Assoc. Prof.

YTU School of Electrical & Electronic

Head of Department for Control & Automation Engineering