Erasmus Toplantısı Hk.

Dear Erasmus students,

  1. To answer general questions and give some information about ERASMUS procedures:

A General meeting will be held online using 

On the 1st of May 2021 (Saturday). Time 2:00 PM

  1. The selection of the Universities will be held online using

Host University selection meeting 

*On the 6th of May 2021 (Thursday). Time 5:30 PM

* To select your University you must be online to be part of the process. The attendance of the nominated student at the selection meeting is mandatory.

Note: We regret to let you know that the Darmstadt University will not be included this year among the host Universities.

KOM ERASMUS program team:

Arş. Gör. Esra KAYA AYANA

Arş. Gör. Büşra ŞEN

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi  Claudia F. Yaşar

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